Educator Training Support

In the spirit of the Go Green Youth Challenge, Michigan Arbor Day Alliance is offering educators the opportunity to receive $100 off their registration to attend the Academy of Natural Resources. This is a great opportunity to learn how to bring nature into your classroom.

The Academy of Natural Resources offers educators the opportunity to learn about Michigan’s diverse natural resources, discover current trends in their management and experience activities that bring this knowledge to the classroom. Four separate sections are offered, each with a different emphasis but all benefitting Michigan educators who wish to blend natural resources themes into their school curricula.

This summer’s Academy kicks off Sunday, July 17 with check-in at the DNR’s popular RAM Center located on the north shore of Higgins Lake. The week concludes Friday, July 22 after lunch.

The 2011 Academy of Natural Resources Features Four Options:
Choose from one of four options.
Teachers Into the WILD – FULL 

Natural Resources Field Camp

Michigan Environmental Curriculum Support (MEECS)


To redeem the $100 coupon for registration email us at, include ANR in the subject line.

You will also need to include a registration form for the Academy of Natural Resources, click here.  

IMPORTANT: Coupons are limited…..only 4 available!


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