Montcalm County 4-H Tree Planting Completed

Our first tree planting project took place October 9th at Montcalm County Fair Grounds.  The project was spearheaded by the North Central and Country Kids 4-H Clubs.  Youth and adults from the Clubs were joined by Master Gardeners and other volunteers to complete the planting.  A total of 27 people attended the tree planting event which was coordinated with National 4-H week.

Group photo of both the Country Kids and North Central 4-H Clubs

The area was originally open soy/corn field.  Tree planting was needed for a visual screen, shade cooling of barns and pavilions, beautification, erosion and odor control.  Volunteers planted 88 trees and shrubs on the grounds!  Here’s what some of the volunteers said about the planting:

“The birch tree with the bushes look so nice at the end of the show arena.”  Mrs. Aaron Esch, 4-H parent

“I felt like Johnny Apple Seed.  All of the trees in the place look so great.  I can’t wait til’ spring and summer to see their progress.”  Paula Plank, 4-H Leader

Many teen 4-Hers were interested in tree identification due to school projects and recorded nursery tag information for their projects.  This led to the proposal of a future education opportunity…to add tree identification signs to each tree planted before next year’s fair.

To see photos of this project as well as other plantings, check out the Photo Album on the Michigan Arbor Day Alliance website.


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