Another Successful Planting

On November 1st, 2011 fourth and fifth grade students from Leonard Elementary gathered at the Polly Ann Trailhead in Leonard, MI for a special field trip…to plant trees.

The Village of Leonard was one of six grant recipients for the 2011 Go Green Youth Challenge, a program sponsored by the Michigan Arbor Day Alliance.  A total of four trees were planted – two Flowering Dogwoods and two Red Maples.  The planting project was a collaboration between the Village of Leonard and the Leonard Elementary School.  The goal of the activity was to inspire and encourage a greater awareness and ownership for the participating students and community members.


During the planting, Village President Mike McDonald spoke of the importance of trees to the community, introduced the Go Green Youth Challenge and explained why they were doing the project.  He also issued a challenge of his own – to participate in the program again next year.  For the students, the planting was a wonderful end to a beautiful fall season.  “The enthusiasm and sincere interest I saw in the students faces sure made all the effort worthwhile…” said President McDonald.

To see pictures of this and other plantings or to learn more about the Go Green Youth Challenge, please visit the Michigan Arbor Day Alliance website.


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