Global Tree Banding Project

Here is a unique opportunity to get your class involved in global environmental issues.


The Smithsonian Institute presents…The Tree Banding Project


The Smithsonian Institution’s Tree Banding Project, a citizen science program that contributes to research about tree biomass tracks how trees respond to climate.  Citizen science programs involve students and teachers like you contributing to ongoing scientific work.  Students around the globe will monitor the rate at which their local trees grow and learn how that rate corresponds to Smithsonian research as well as comparing their work to other students world-wide.  Once involved, you will help to create the first global observatory of how trees respond to climate! As part of this program, you will be contributing vital information to an important ecological study.

By signing up you will receive a kit that includes everything that you will need to get started. After you get your kit, your class will need to:

  • Pick ten trees in your schoolyard for study
  • Prepare and install the dendrometer (tree) bands
  • Allow four weeks for the bands to settle

When the trees are ready, you will use the digital calipers in your kit to measure the gap in the bands.  This will establish a baseline for growth.  At the minimum, we would like two measurements in the spring and two in the fall to help us monitor the growing season.  You may, however, take as many measurements as you like.  The more data we get the better!

The number of kits available are limited – so complete your application soon.  Schools selected to participate will be based on location and when you apply.  Not all schools can be selected.  There are currently no participating schools in DE, ND, ID, AK, NM, MI, AL, SC, NE, and MN so these states are priorities.

If you are interested in participating Sign up today!


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