63 New Trees for East Lansing


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Jennifer Hunnell                                                                    Phone:   (517) 543-5848 x 5

Michigan Arbor Day Alliance                                                Email:   miarborday@gmail.com

Eaton Conservation District                                       Website:   http://www.miarbordayalliance.com

551 Courthouse Dr., Ste. 3 Charlotte, MI 48813                   Sent:          5-29-12


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: On or after 5-29-12


East Lansing Goes Green

LANSING – In partnership with Michigan State Federal Credit Union, Michigan Arbor Day Alliance planted 63 trees in East Lansing!  With the help of volunteers from Michigan State Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU) and the City of East Lansing, trees were planted at Harrison Meadows Park, along Abbot Rd. and in a neighborhood north of Lake Lansing Rd.  This planting was made possible by MSUFCU’s Go Green Challenge campaign. MSUFCU challenged its members to switch from paperless to e-statements.  In return MSUFCU provided $2,000 to plant trees in the Greater Lansing Area.  The City of East Lansing has lost numerous trees to Emerald Ash Borer beetles.  The Go Green Challenge has replaced trees that otherwise might not have been.  To date MSUFCU and Michigan Arbor Day Alliance have planted 280 trees in the City of East Lansing.  Michigan Arbor Day Alliance would like to thank MSUFCU for sponsoring the Go Green Challenge and the City of East Lansing for becoming a Go Green partner.  To learn more about our tree planting projects visit our website, www.miarbordayalliance.com.

Over a 50-year lifetime, a tree generates $31,250 worth of oxygen, provides $62,000 worth of air pollution control, recycles $37,500 worth of water, and controls $31,250 worth of soil erosion.  Studies have shown that trees enhance community economic stability by attracting businesses and tourists people linger and shop longer along tree-lined streets, apartments and offices in wooded areas rent more quickly and have higher occupancy rates, and businesses leasing office spaces in developments with trees find their workers are more productive and absenteeism is reduced.  These are just a few of the benefits trees provide to communities.

The Michigan Arbor Day Alliance (MADA) is a coalition of organizations and agencies dedicated to the promotion and celebration of Arbor Day throughout Michigan.  Our dedication comes from our belief in the importance of trees and their role in community health and well-being.  Since 1993, MADA has provided educational programs and services to Michigan communities.


MADA is a program of the Eaton Conservation District and is made possible through support from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

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