Be a Plant Hero!

Can a computer game where you shoot paper spit wads at bugs really be educational?  You bet it can!

Developed by the American Public Gardens Association as part of its work with the Sentinel Plant Network, the Plant Heroes website is specifically designed for young learners and aims to increase their knowledge about plant pests and diseases and ultimately engage them in protecting the plants in their own yards, neighborhoods and communities from emerging threats.  It is a valuable resource for public garden professionals, parents and educators looking for innovative ways to teach K-12 audiences about this important subject.

This website hosts a variety of games and activities based on the child’s age (Seedlings to Trees), ranging from coloring pages and crosswords to a video game where you’re protecting a garden from invasive pests by shooting them with spit wads.  There are also comics and printable activities for each age group.  But no matter the age level, the message remains…to inform kids about the threat of invasive species to our trees.

The website focuses on four main species, each threatening a different region of the United States, and the Plant Hero fighting in each region.  In addition to the games, there is a colorful Field Guide with a handy slide show on each species.  The Field Guide slideshow walks you through identifying each invasive at different stages of its development, what to look for in infected trees and what kinds of control methods that are being used.  There is also a glossary to help you with the vocabulary and a list of contacts for the adults to report pest sightings.  Kids can even join the fight and take the Plant Hero Pledge!

So check out the website and discover a different way to teach your kids about their environment.

3 responses to this post.

  1. I like the sound of this! A great way to get kids and children up off the ground and learn more about nature and how our environment truly is number 1 to all of us! Go green!

    -Carlos Hernandez


  2. i came across your blog just to look, but i had to leave this comment to say how much i appreciate your work. thanks for the help.


  3. Posted by Charlene on July 18, 2012 at 7:14 pm

    i think the information on this subject is still very scarce at internet.


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