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East Lansing Goes Green…Again

EAST LANSING – In some ways the second 2012 tree planting sponsored by Michigan State University Federal Credit Union (MSUFCU) was vastly different from the first, but the message remained the same – MSUFCU supports green initiatives in Mid-Michigan.  A cold and rainy day greeted the volunteers who came out to Harrison Meadows Park in East Lansing.  Volunteers from the City of East Lansing and MSU’s chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha had come out to help plant 200 conifer seedlings.  The trees planted this day were significantly smaller than the hardwood trees which were planted earlier this year in May, only 12-14” tall.  The three species of evergreens (White Spruce, Norway Spruce, and White Pine) were planted in the hopes of re-establishing a tree line in the park that was lost due to underground pipeline construction.  Volunteers worked incredibly hard, the packed clay in some areas making the planting difficult.  In a few years, hopefully their efforts pay off in the form of a majestic stand of conifers adding to the beauty of this green space.

This planting was made possible by the generous contributions from MSUFCU.  $2,000 was donated this spring from MSUFCU’s Go Green Challenge program to plant trees in East Lansing.  After the spring planting had been completed, it was decided that a second fall planting would take place in order to best utilize their donation.  This is the second year of the partnership between MSUFCU and the Michigan Arbor Day Alliance.  The trees added on October 7th bring the number of trees we have planted in East Lansing up to 480!  We once again thank MSUFCU and the City of East Lansing for supporting the continuation of tree plantings in Mid-Michigan.

The Michigan Arbor Day Alliance (MADA) is a coalition of organizations and agencies dedicated to the promotion and celebration of Arbor Day throughout Michigan.  Our dedication comes from our belief in the importance of trees and their role in community health and well-being.  Since 1993, MADA has provided educational programs and services to Michigan communities.

MADA is a program of the Eaton Conservation District and is made possible through support from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Volunteers from MSU’s chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha

Wendy Wilmers-Longpre (City of East Lansing) with her children while retired forester Mike Vasievich teaches the kids about the trees they were planting

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