Trees For Michigan!

It has been a successful second year for the Go Green Youth Challenge!  The fundraising program in the spring raised more than $15,000 this year!  This money was then put toward funding community tree plantings around the state through our fall Go Green Youth Challenge Tree Planting Grants.  Thanks to the money raised by our participating schools and by our generous sponsors, we were able to fund eight tree plantings in 2012.  Six of these projects will take place this fall (between October and November) and two additional plantings will be completed during the spring of 2013.

So what exactly are these projects and who is participating?  Here’s a nice little summary of what’s going on around Michigan so far.  A big Congratulations to these participants for completing their plantings early!


Montcalm 4-H Fair Association – planting completed October 7, 2012

The Montcalm 4-H Fair Association is a second year recipient of a Go Green Youth Challenge Tree Planting Grant.  Their planting was a part of a much larger vision for their fair grounds in Greenville, MI.  The area was originally soy/corn field and seriously lacking in shade or any kind of groundcover/landscaping.  In order to remedy this, several trees and shrubs were planted in 2011 to shade barns and provide visual and sound screens.  This year the project was expanded to 124 trees and shrubs.  The plants were used as living markers to define the parking area, buffer fencing at the arenas,  and as shade for the barns and Expo building.  The North Central and Country Kids 4-H Clubs were the lead, but there were also several volunteers from other 4-H Clubs as well as from the Master Gardeners program.  This group’s vision also includes native plantings to utilize for youth education.










Delhi Charter Township – planting completed October 12, 2012

When you hear the words Dutch Elm Disease, many of you may recall the devastation which occurred when this fungus was identified in the United States in 1928.  What does this have to do with the tree planting completed by Delhi Charter Township in Ingham County?  The trees they chose to plant as part of this program were a continuation of a stand of Princeton Elm trees which was started in 2006.  The Princeton Elm is a horticultural cultivar of the native American Elm and was found to be resistant to the American strain of Dutch Elm Disease.  With the addition of eight trees this October, the stand now consists of 31 trees along McCue Rd near the Delhi Township Public Services and Recycling Center.

Pictures coming soon


Village of Dimondale – planting completed October 16, 2012

The Village of Dimondale supports the enhancement of their municipal streetscapes through annual investments in a Village tree program which includes both preventative maintenance and replanting efforts.  The funding from the Go Green Youth Challenge Tree Planting Grant made it possible to replace trees in a Village right-of-way that may have not been able to otherwise.  In 2011, Village workers were forced to remove the trees along East Jefferson Rd. due to a road reconstruction project.  As part of this year’s planting, Village officials included area residents by notifying homeowners about the upcoming project and the types of trees proposed for in front of their properties.  By including community involvement during the planning process they were able to best meet the needs of area residents.

Lewiston Downtown Development Authority – planting completed week of October 22, 2012

Like the Montcalm 4-H Fair Association project, the Lewiston Downtown Development Authority has a larger vision.  Currently, there are very few trees along the main street through the downtown area.  A large scale beautification project was the solution they found.  In addition to improving the appearance of downtown Lewiston, the trees planted would narrow the visual landscape as people entered town and naturally slow traffic flow.  The first phase of this project consisted of the planting of 110 trees of 8 different species in a 5 block area along CR 612.  The ultimate goal of this project is to plant along the entire one-mile stretch of this downtown road.

Pictures coming soon

Congratulations to these 2012 Go Green Youth Challenge Grant participants.  Updates on other Go Green Youth Challenge tree planting projects will be posted as they are completed.  And be sure to visit our website for more details and pictures!


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  1. The City of Potterville and the Village of Sparta have also completed their fall planting projects. Check out MADA’s website at to read about the plantings and view the pictures.


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