Unique Community Resource

Have you ever heard of a Little Free Library?  If you haven’t you’re not alone.  I myself did not know this amazing program even existed until recently.

Begun by a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, this program promotes literacy and the love of learning while also building a sense of  community that spans across generations.  How this program works is amazingly simple.  You either purchase or build a “Little Library;” mount it in a public, accessible place; stock it with books; spread the word and voila!  A Little Free Library is born!  The principle behind these libraries is “take a book, leave a book.”  There’s no lending period, no rental fees.  The idea is a continual book exchange.  The contents of the Little Free Library can change every day depending on the amount of use.  Many of these little libraries contain books for all ages.  And if you want to start your own and need help, their website has a lot of helpful tips and resources, plus a host of people to contact if you have trouble.



Examples of Little Free Libraries


This is an international program with a global map.  If you want to start your own Little Free Library location you can get yours added to the map, or you can use it to find ones near you.  There is at least one location in every state in the U.S. and on nearly every continent.

This unique “little” idea certainly has an extensive reach.




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