Student Opportunities Galore!

If you are a teacher looking for opportunities to get your students involved in the outdoors, there is no better time than right now.

In addition to the Michigan Arbor Day Alliance’s Go Green Youth Challenge initiative that was announced earlier this month, several organizations hold environmental education programs and competitions during the spring and summer months.


4thgradeforestersAlong the lines of the Go Green Youth Challenge’s tree theme, the Fourth Grade Foresters program encourages fourth grade students around the country to get more involved in the message of Arbor Day by planting and caring for trees.  Fourth Grade Foresters USA was created to provide a simple and inexpensive way for any individual, business, or organization to send 4th grade elementary students in their area home with a tree of their very own to plant.  Sponsoring a school provides each 4th grader an individually packaged 12-18″ evergreen seedling.  The tree species is selected based on what will do best in each state’s climate.  And as an added bonus, this program supports a special sector of the workforce; each tree is packaged for distribution by workers with disabilities.



envirothonAnd if you are a teacher of older students, there are programs for you too!  The Michigan Envirothon is celebrating its 20th year this year.  This program is for teams of high school students and focuses on using the outdoors as a classroom, utilizing diverse “eco-stations” as competition testing sites, and interaction and training with professionals in a wide variety of environmental fields.  It is an exciting and challenging way to provide students with natural resources and environmental science education.  In addition to gaining valuable knowledge, teams also complete a Community Outreach project as part of the competition; identifying and addressing a natural resource issue in their own communities through hands-on problem solving and community education.  Regional competitions begin March 11, 2014.


IMG_0165-resizedAnd if you happen to live in Eaton County, there is one more opportunity you may be interested in.  The Eaton Conservation District is co-hosting a Science Adventure Camp for 4th and 5th grade students June 16-20, 2014.  This is a new program, begun just last year, but the response so far has been outstanding!  This camp is an opportunity to get youth excited about science.  The focus is on outside, hands-on, fun activities.  Topics include:  geology, ecology, biology, rocket science, chemistry, and more!  Cost for the full week is $10 per student.  There are a.m. and p.m. sessions.  Volunteers are also needed.  If interested, visit the Eaton Conservation District’s website for more information and how to register.


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