Engage ALL Your Senses This Spring

The push lately has been to get kids outside, but what do you do once you’re there? Do you just look around? Any time out in nature is a good thing, but sometimes looking at things from a different angle can open your eyes to all that is around you. Have you ever had your kids pick up a leaf or a rock and really look at it, feel its texture? How about listening to the birds or the wind? Smelling the earth after a rain storm? There are things our five senses pick up that we never really pay attention to because we are inherently so focused on our sense of sight.

With the onset of spring and the melting of snow, this is a great opportunity to get outside with your children or students and really observe everything around you as the earth wakes back up. The following blog post from Simple Kids gives some wonderful examples.

Simple as That: The Sights, Sounds, Smells, and Tastes of Spring

by on March 12, 2014


After such an odd and dreary Winter, I’m so happy that Springtime is here! The cold, grey days are (mostly) behind us, and in my part of the world we’re already enjoying the green, sunny days and the blues skies of Spring.

While I’m not convinced we won’t still see a March or April snowstorm before Winter truly says farewell, I see Spring’s arrival as an opportunity to use all of our senses to savor the season. I’m especially looking forward to celebrating baby Mia’s first Spring and I can’t wait to introduce her to flowers and exploring outdoors in the sunshine.

I thought it would be fun to carry on what has become a seasonal tradition here at Simple Kids, and list some of the different ways we can experience the sights, sounds, smells, textures, and tastes of Spring with our kids.

What Does Spring LOOK Like?

The hallmark of Spring is the return of color. The skies seem bluer, the grass begins to grow again, and the flowers bloom, bursting open with color and fresh life. The trees begin to bud and the birds and animals are very active. The whole world seems to wake up from the long Winter’s nap.

In our neighborhood, a Spring shower brings with it the sight of children in bright raincoats and boots and a rainbow of umbrellas opening against the falling raindrops.


Look UP

  • The trees are beginning to bud
  • The birds have returned
  • The Spring constellations


  • What is happening to the grass? The flowers?
  • What are the insects and animals doing?
  • What does the garden look like now?
  • Do you see any acorns? Walnuts? Seed pods?

What Does Spring FEEL Like?

As the weeks pass, we begin to trade our heavy woolens and coats for lighter jackets and short sleeves. Perhaps we’re even donning sandals or going barefoot and letting our toes wiggle in the grass or squish in the mud.

There are other ways to feel the season:

Go on a nature walk and ask your child …

  • What does the sun feel like on your skin? What about the shade?
  • Is there any wind today? Can you feel a breeze?
  • What do we smell outside? What sounds do we hear?
  • What does the air feel like? Dry? Humid?

What Does Spring TASTE Like?

For me, Spring tastes light and crisp after a season of hearty, heavier fare. Spring marks the return of salads and early veggies to the dinner table. We had a string of sunny days last week and grilled out for the first time of the year. That night Spring tasted like grilled chicken, new potatoes, asparagus, and french bread with blue cheese followed by ice cream cones for dessert.

What recipes does your family enjoy in the Spring time?

What Does Spring SMELL Like?

There are good smells coming from our kitchens in the Springtime, it is true. What other wonders can we experience with our sense of smell this time of year?

To my family, Spring smells like …

  • dirt
  • fresh breezes
  • laundry drying on the line
  • rain
  • daffodils, crocus, and tulips

What Does Spring Sound Like?

Springtime is a noisy time, when new life is bursting forth and the birds return to chirp and sing.

Consider …

  • the delicate pitter patter of a gentle falling rain
  • the glorious roar of a thunderstorm
  • windchimes
  • the birds singing

At our house, Spring time might sound like a reading of Miss Rumphius. Do you and your kids have a favorite read-aloud for this time of year?


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