The Battle Against the Emerald Ash Borer Continues

The devastation caused by the Emerald Ash Borer is nothing new in Michigan. This state was, after all, at the center of the infestation. When the beetle first arrived it basically encountered an entire population of trees helpless to defend themselves, not having encountered the insect before. And thanks to various diseases that had previously swept through the state (like Dutch Elm Disease), we had created nice monocultures of ash trees in nearly every major community. These things combined equaled one thing – unchecked mass die-offs of trees, an EAB smorgasbord if you will.

The beetle, native to much of Asia, has caused the death of millions of ash trees along the east coast and in the midwest and continues to spread westward. Just last fall it was discovered in Colorado for the first time, hundreds of miles from its last known location. And while control measures may not make much of an impact here in Michigan, where Emerald Ash Borers infest nearly every county, research continues to be done in order to slow down the spread.


The Lansing State Journal recently published a well-written article which chronicles how the invasive species arrived in the United States, how it went so long undetected, how it spreads, and what measures are being taken to combat it. There is also a useful video created by one of their journalists that sums up things very nicely.

Check out the article here:


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