The Monarch Butterfly – A Visual Journey

Monarch butterflies are one of natures marvels. This delicate insect travels thousands of miles, through several generations, from its summer homes in the northern parts of the United States to its wintering grounds in Mexico and the Baja Peninsula (depending on which side of the Rockies you live on).

The butterfly’s life cycle is also something incredibly amazing if you have ever had the chance to witness it. And if you have seen every stage, perhaps by raising some in your classroom or at a nature center, than you are among a lucky few. For those of you that haven’t had the privilege the National Wildlife Federation has created a photo and video journey for you that is available online. This way you can get up close and personal with one of our iconic butterflies.

See all the photos and video here.


And if you are interested in finding out what YOU can do to help the monarchs visit Monarch Watch’s website for programs, resources, and educational tools.


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