Fun Fall Art Projects…With Leaves!

With fall on its way there will soon be an abundance of leaves on the ground in all kinds of colors. Now, you can always just rake them into a pile, compost them, or mulch them with your lawnmower, but how about using a few to do something a little more creative and fun?

The below blog post shows several ideas to turn those beautiful fall colors into art projects for all ages.


7 Ways To Turn Your Fall Leaf Collection Into Art



leaf 1

Have the leaves started chang­ing color in your neigh­bor­hood yet? It feels like any day now I’ll look out the win­dow and the green will be gone—it always seems to sneak up on us. But I’ve found if I have some­thing planned for those beau­ti­ful leaves, then I’m more aware of the time passing.

Even sim­ply pick­ing the best leaves and press­ing them in a book is fun; I’m always stum­bling upon them a year later and rem­i­nisc­ing. But I have to admit, these DIY’s—all using real leaves—showcase some sur­pris­ing alternatives!


leaf 2

DIY Leaf Con­fetti
via Grow Cre­ative

Such a sim­ple idea: get out your favorite paper punches and make your own con­fetti. Or, I’d love to punch a bunch with my daugh­ter and then use them to cre­ate col­lages together.


leaf 3

Leaf Crafts
via kokokoKIDS

Here’s another sim­ple but inno­v­a­tive twist on leaf art: These images remind me of find­ing ani­mals in the clouds. Every­thing resem­bles some­thing else if you look hard enough.


leaf 4

DIY Painted Leaf Art
via Katja Ensel­ing

And here’s another ver­sion of anthro­po­mor­phized leaves. I just love the googly-eyed expres­sions on these lit­tle creatures.


leaf 5

Wax-Dipped Hang­ing Leaves
via Martha Stew­art

Martha does it again. This is such a per­fect way to dis­play the zil­lion leaves your kids find and have to keep “for­ever.” Just press them and display!


leaf 6

DIY Painted Leaves
via My Owl Barn

Paint­ing leaves sounds like a really fun alter­na­tive when you’re sick of paper. The shapes pro­vide all kinds of imag­i­na­tive ideas.


leaf 7

Fall Leaf Prints
via Nat­u­rally Educational

Mak­ing leaf prints is a clas­sic art activ­ity. I love see­ing the bright col­ors com­bined with the famil­iar fall leaf shapes. This one is so great for kids.

Pic­tured at the top of this post: Leaf art by Sabine Timm, via The Jour­nals of Giddy Giddy

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