Youth Contests Announced!


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The Michigan Arbor Day Alliance is excited to announce the start of their Go Green Youth Challenge program!

The Go Green Youth Challenge is a statewide initiative to engage youth in environmental stewardship, community development and service-learning by participating in a campaign to plant trees in Michigan. Youth are challenged to collect coins as an individual, classroom or club. The coins collected will fund community tree plantings, participant prizes, and program outreach efforts

The team or individual who raises the most money will win prizes, a tree planting for their community, and an invitation to the State Arbor Day Celebration in Lansing at Potter Park Zoo.



This program has planted nearly 1,000 trees across Michigan. Will you join us this spring to make that number even larger?




If you’re interested in participating, here’s what you would need to do in 5 easy steps:

1) Collect change from January 12 to March 30, 2015. This can be in any way you choose. Some examples include classroom penny wars, bottle drives, electronics recycling drives, candy sales, seed/seedling sales, etc.

2) At the end of the contest the coordinating adult (or organization) writes a check for the amount collected to ECD – Michigan Arbor Day Alliance with Go Green Youth Challenge in the Memo line.

3) Print and fill out the Go Green Youth Challenge entry form.

4) To be eligible for prizes donations must be postmarked by April 6, 2015.

5) Send your check and entry form to:

ECD – Michigan Arbor Day Alliance

551 Courthouse Drive, Suite 3

Charlotte, MI  48813


And in case you’re feeling Creative…

As part of the Go Green Youth Challenge program there is a Creative Writing Contest in addition the fundraising portion. Students are allowed to participate in both if they like.

Each year the Creative Writing Contest has a different nature/tree theme. This year’s theme is “If you were a tree, which tree would you be and why?”

K-12 students can submit a piece of creative writing (any type) in response to this theme. The contest runs from January 12 until March 9. Entries must be received no later than March 13. There will be first, second, and third place prizes awarded for each age category.  Details and rules about the contests can be found on our website.

If you have any questions about either of these programs you can contact Jennifer Hunnell at (517) 543-5848 ext. 5 or


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