Share the Wonders of Winter with this Activity from Project Learning Tree

Winter often is the season for hiding out inside and curling up with your favorite book, watching a good television program, and otherwise staying out of the cold and snow. However, there are a lot of neat sights, smells, and sounds during winter. With the leaves off the trees you have a different view of the world and can see many things that may have been hidden during the warmer months.

This is a fantastic season to get outside with your children (or students, grandchildren, cousins, etc.) and show them the wonders that winter can hold. The activity below, called Evergreens in Winter by Project Learning Tree gives a lot of great ways to engage children’s natural curiosity by asking questions like:

  • If you were an animal in winter, where would you stay?
  • How does this walk look, smell, sound different from the last time we walked here?
  • Can you find an animal home? Then discuss animal adaptations to winter and look for tracks and other animal signs (deer rubbings, scat, discarded seed casings, eaten pine cones, etc.)


See larger image and download with this link:



So use this unique opportunity to explore nature. You never know what you will find.


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