Student Contests Set to Begin in January

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The Michigan Arbor Day Alliance’s Go Green Youth Challenge will be returning in January 2016. We are looking for some enthusiastic kids to help us plant trees all over the state.

Here is what you need to know:

What Is the Go Green Youth Challenge?

The Go Green Youth Challenge (GGYC) engages Michigan youth in community development, service-learning, and learning to be good caretakers of our natural resources. It does this by challenging students to become involved in their schools and communities and collect coins to plant trees. All money raised goes directly to trees planted in Michigan.

Who Can Participate?

Any Michigan youth, preK – 12th grade can participate. Students can collect coins as an individual, classroom, club, or any other type of group. Teachers, parents, and club leaders provide the guidance and support the kids will need to organize their own collection.

In previous years, groups have hosted recycling events, seed sales, classroom coin wars, candy/sucker sales, pop can collections, and school or district wide hat days just to name a few.

Our website hosts free tips, resources, a Starter Kit for your collection, and an online community to help you out.

When is the GGYC?

The coin collection is from January 11 until March 28, 2016. All donations must be received by April 4, 2016 in order to be eligible for the Grand Prize.

Right, Did We Mention there are Prizes?

In addition to the satisfaction you can get by knowing you helped make Michigan greener, all participating students receive a variety of prizes. The type of prize depends on the size of the group and the amount of money they raise. They have included: wristbands, stickers, pencils, a nature book for your classroom, and gift certificates to Acorn Naturalist, a great store for environmental education supplies to enhance classroom (or homeschool) lessons.

The Grand Prize is a Tree Planting of your very own ($500 max) and an invitation to send representatives to the 2016 State Arbor Day Celebration in Lansing.

What You Help Make Possible

With the help of Michigan students and additional sponsorships, this program has planted 1,013 trees in Michigan since 2011!

We could not have done this without you. This coin collection also supports the Go Green Youth Challenge Tree Planting Grant we offer every summer. These grants are open to schools in addition to a variety of other organizations. So if you are from a school and looking to plant trees, be on the lookout for that come June 2016.

Looking for More?

The GGYC program also includes a Creative Writing Contest. So if coin collection isn’t your thing, maybe having a good imagination is. This contest will also begin in January and is open to all Michigan K-12th graders. All types of creative writing will be accepted. The theme for 2016 has yet to be determined, but will be announced on the GGYC Creative Writing webpage when it is.

Detailed information about all of these programs can be found on our website and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at



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