Funding for Field Trips to Forests

Field trips can be a great way to get students out into real-world situations. They reinforce classroom lessons and help visual learners better understand complex topics. Science is a subject that benefits greatly from field trips.

The idea of forests as classrooms shouldn’t come as a surprise, but how to get your classrooms to the forest? Field trips cost money and money is something all teachers struggle with.

Enter the Wheels to Woods! Fund. This Fund helps K-12 schools pay for transportation costs for an educational field trip to a nearby forest. Funds are not competitive – funding will be awarded if available and if the field trip provides outdoor education in a forest. Any public or private K-12 school is eligible to apply. Other groups for young people (i.e. Girl/Boy Scouts, FFA, 4-H, etc.) are also eligible to apply, but are a secondary priority to K-12 schools.

The Wheels to Woods! Fund will reimburse actual transportation costs up to $350 per bus with a max. award of $1,000 per school or group per academic year. In addition, the Michigan Tree Farm Committee, partners in this program, will help connect schools with local forest landowners who enjoy hosting field trips or suitably nearby public lands if the school does not own forest land themselves.

For more information about this program and how to apply, visit the American Tree Farm System resource documents page ( Look for the Wheels to Woods Program Application under “Miscellaneous.” There is also a link to the PDF in the image below.



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