We’re Halfway There!

We are well into the 2016 Go Green Youth Challenge!

Hopefully many of you have taken on this program and are teaching our Michigan students about the importance of trees. While a fundraiser, the goal of the Go Green Youth Challenge (GGYC) is to plant more trees in Michigan. The money raised by these students gets us a step closer to that goal. This year’s GGYC runs from now until March 28, 2016.

To date, this program has planted 1,013 trees! That could not have happened if not for the participation of students statewide and the support of our program sponsors.

We want to help you along your GGYC as much as we can. There are a lot of resources available to you for free on our website. There are also several tree-themed activities so you can incorporate trees into your classroom. (like this one on how trees grow)

You can find all that and more on our Educators & Group Leaders page for the Go Green Youth Challenge. You can get to the page by clicking the screen shot below.


GGYC screen shot


And if you just aren’t interested in the fundraising program, that’s okay, we understand, but there is a second part to the GGYC you might want to take a look at before you go. In addition to the fundraiser, we also are holding a Creative Writing Contest. Students can use their imaginations to express their feelings about trees and nature. This year’s theme is “What would happen if trees were in charge.” The writing contest runs alongside the fundraiser, but has an earlier deadline. Entries must be received by March 14, 2016. For rules and details, visit the Creative Writing Contest page on our website.


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