The Wonderful World of Water

What are trees without water? Well, most of them would probably be dead. Trees rely on water and at the same time water relies on trees. Trees serve as natural filters, cleaning our groundwater before it runs into our lakes, rivers and streams. Their root systems also hold dirt together, keeping in where it belongs instead of running into our waterways during major rainstorms or flooding events. The bottom line? Trees and water are interconnected.

Yet there are all kinds of ways WE can help our water. Just like we can help our forests by looking out for pest insects, not moving wood around, or planting and caring for trees, there are lots of simple things we can do every day to help our water. Water is precious and needs to be protected just as much. Like the trees, we are also dependent on clean water to live, grow and prosper.

There is a great resource out there to get all the water-related information you could need. The Michigan Water Stewardship program encourages individuals to take proactive, voluntary steps to protect our water quality while also protecting other valuable natural resources and caring for our family’s health.

This website offers all of its resources for free. For the adults there are articles, informational bulletins and tip sheets, a whole host of environment-themed “courses” to take to test your knowledge, a Green News section that will keep you up to date on what’s going on around the Great Lakes, and a list of helpful local organizations if you need help. And since children don’t really want to read a lengthy article or care about homeownership tips, there are fun videos, songs, activities, and online games that both entertain and educate (who says education has to be boring?).

MWSP Home Screen

So take a moment and check out the website. No matter how much you know about our water, there always new things to discover!


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