These 3 Words Will Change How Your Child Looks at the Outdoors


Words can be a powerful thing. They can lift you up, they can bring you down, and they can even inspire some of the greatest thinkers and innovators in our history. What we choose to say to our children can be even more important. As adults, we set the example for the youngsters in our lives (whether or not they are our own). What we say and do set the groundwork for who they will grow up to be.

And sometimes these words can have impacts we could never imagine. They can be empowering, letting kids set their own boundaries and explore their world. Outdoor adventures used to be a cornerstone of childhood. Several of our older generations spent hours playing outside, coming inside only when it got too dark to see. Sadly, this is not the case in today’s world. Too many fears crowd the minds of parents to let their children have free rein this way. Yet there are three words that can give some of this sense of wonder back. Three words that may even change the way you as an adult look at nature.

Read this inspiring article to discover exactly what these magical words are. They are simpler than you imagine.


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