Woman Turned 110 Year Old Tree Into a Free Library

A librarian, artist and former bookbinder from Idado, decided that the large stump of a 110-year-old cottonwood tree would, instead of being dug up and destroyed, make the perfect setting for a ‘Little Tree Library.’


 This very old cottonwood was dropping huge branches onto the sidewalk for years and became dangerous to pedestrians. Sharalee Armitage Howard became concerned that the fallen branches were going to hit someone so she did not hesitate to jump at the opportunity of turning this old cottonwood into a library. The stump was carved out from the inside, topped with a roof and installed with a cozy interior and exterior lighting for a fairy-tale look. The concept of this tree library is ‘take a book, share a book.’

Nonprofit organization Little Free Library is helping to ensure we keep our innate love of books alive by “inspiring a love of reading, building community, and sparking creativity by fostering neighborhood book exchanges around the world.” These little libraries are popping up everywhere, with over 75,000 libraries provided in 88 countries so far!

Converting this decaying old tree into a free library benefits the whole community. Maybe this project will inspire others to think of imaginative ways to re-purpose trees if/when they become a hazard to people’s safety.

Original story by Bored Panda. 

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